Year end review mini workshop

The #1 Rule for Success, as any Value Investor knows, is to avoid ruin

[A value investor invests on the basis of low risk, high gain, so they won’t take a opportunity that has high downside, no matter what the payoff might be].

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wrap all of this wisdom into a mechanism that would help you avoid the bear traps of 2022 by reviewing the last year (or two) and knowing what to look out for?

Figuring out – better – what didn’t work and why, and what might be a better approach?

Well, if I get enough interest, that’s exactly what I’m going to lay out for you.

Right at the end of 2021 – because as Jason Hulott put in in the SU group just a few days ago…2021: WTF was THAT?!? 😉 – I’ll share my way of Renewing, Reflecting on and Resetting the Year.

I do this every year, but I’ve never shared my process before.

In the 90-minute micro workshop, you’ll get this type of thinking (and much more) to enable you to review your year probably very differently from previous years.

It’s my earnest hope that by joining me and using what we work through in the micro workshop (yup, you get a workbook), you’ll set yourself up for a significantly better 2022 than you otherwise would.

And this isn’t going to cost you the Earth (I’m currently considering £97, with a special price of just £47 for everyone currently in our SE world).

If you want the coaching and mental tools to Build a Better 2022…